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Tulane Lakeside Hospital - 1st Floor MRI Build Out

Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects
Finish Date: 
May 2014
Contract Value: 
Similar to the prior Cath Lab Renovation at the Hospital, the MRI project required heavy structural-steel and concrete reinforcements to the existing space on the 1st floor. After the foundational work was complete, the next 3 months on the project demanded extremely close coordination between SMC and the Hospital’s equipment vender - Siemens. The biggest challenge on this project, aside from fully constructing an MRI room, was placing the multi-ton magnet into the space with only a ½” tolerance for error. The machine’s massive and bulky nature simply could not allow it to be wheeled down the hallway from the loading docks. After creating a large cut-out in the exterior wall, SMC brought in the MRI machine using a large forklift, set it in place, and sealed up the cut-out all within 24 hours This job proved SMC's ability to combat complicated and problematic issues by creating and implementing a detailed and accurate construction schedule.